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Pioneering specialist in leather cases for mobile devices

Marroquineria - Piel Frama

Marroquineria - Piel Frama

The magazine “Marroquinería Española” has published an article of the history of Piel Frama. A journey from our beginnings until today, with great details.

“From Ronald Reagan to Julio Iglesias, the Rolling Stones, Madonna and Naomi Campbell, there are many celebrities that could not resist the design and quality of Piel Frama products. This Spanish company is known as a visionary enterprise with a vision, in which the future also holds the key to international vocation. Located in Ubrique (Cádiz) it is known in major global markets as a leading name, specializing in leather cases for mobile devices (like phones, tablets, e-readers…)

The history of over 35 years in the development and design of quality products have earned it a privileged position among consumers. “We started making leather cases for mobile phones in 1984, though we have been making leather goods since 1975. It was our company, in fact, that started selling mobile phone cases in the US, when in Europe, they were unheard of. And when the first mobile phone manufacturer appeared in Spain, we were already widely experienced in making something markets would demand. We became innovators in this industry sector”, Francisco J. López explains, as the Director of Piel Frama.

The good name of this company reached the highest spheres, including the US White House, and Ronald Reagan asked this Spanish company to manufacture a personal item for him: a briefcase made from genuine ostrich skin, with a secret video camera inside. FBI agents reached the airport of Málaga to pick up this very special product ordered by the US President. And the success of this briefcase was such that years later it was shown at the MOMA – Museum of Modern Art – in New York, where thousands of visitors could see it every day.

International recognition

This success was also known in Spain and in 1988 Piel Frama was awarded the International Quality Trophy, handed to founder Don Manuel López Becerra. Some years later this company form Cádiz was still reaping success in international markets. And in 1995 Don Manuel received another award, the Enterprise Master International Trophy. Piel Frama continues to be loyal to the founder’s philosophy: “Success is the consequence of quality, enthusiasm and perseverance”. Today it is one of the most important companies in its sector. Over 150 craftspeople, experts in making leather goods, and some 20 other specialized in various other disciplines, work at Piel Frama, The company’s expansion has caused it to move to a new building, while major investment were made to by machinery and further improve the quality of products.

Market research

The infrastructure of Piel Frama enables this company to design and make whatever leather cases clients might request. The very best labels in the world come to this company for “tailor-made” cases for all kinds of devices.
The market research tem at the company is always open to new development and well informed about technological advances, in order to quickly start work on designs for yet a new type of case. “New models in technology appear all the time, and we al Piel Frama have the ability and necessary efficient resources to immediately create cases for them, sometimes in advance of their being launched”, the director of this company from Cádiz announces.
The innovative spirit of Piel Frama is also to be seen wherever the company is present with new developments in the sector, like the recently released case for iPhone 5, designed with Swarovski crystal beads. Some of the models shown on the company´s catalogue may be customized upon request.”



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