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1. Does Piel Frama ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products all around the world. 

2. What shipping method does Piel Frama use?

Depending on the country to which the item is sent, we use different couriers as per below: 
Spain: Seur or Correos España (regular post)
Countries within EU: TNT express or DHL
Countries outside EU: UPS Express
USA: UPS express or FedEx

3. Can I have my purchase shipped to a PO Box (Post Office Box) or to an APO/FPO (US military address)?

Our couriers do not provide deliveries to PO Boxes or to APOs.
We would need you to indicate a physical address for delivery. It would be important if someone could sign the delivery on its arrival. 

4. I do not feel confident about sending my Credit Card details via the Web. Is Piel Frama´s website totally secure?  

Purchasing our products directly through our website is 100% secure.

The transaction takes place through an encrypted security page using a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Security Certificate based on the most advanced Internet Security Protocols.

Any information sent is automatically encrypted by the server so that it is impossible for anyone to have unauthorized access to it.

5. I do not have a credit card or do not want to use it on the internet. Can I use some other method of payment to place my order?

Apart from the payment via credit card we also accept the following methods of payment: 
-    PayPal 
-    Bank transfer: in order to place your order, you should contact Piel Frama´s customer service at and we will inform you about our bank details and how to place the order. 

6. Can I pay my order COD (cash on delivery)?  

Sorry but we only accept this kind of payment if the delivery is within Spain. 
For the rest of the world, the payment needs to be done in advance by choosing one of the aforementioned methods of payments. 

7. Can I use an additional protective cover together with my Piel Frama case?  

Our cases are designed and made taking into account the exact measurements of the device. They fit like a glove the model for which they are handmade so that adding additional bulk to your device might make it incompatible.

8. Can I order a Piel Frama case without belt clip?

Ordering our cases with or without belt clip will not make any difference in between the physical product which you will receive. 
Our cases are provided with a silver metal tap on the back which can be easily removed to insert the knob for the belt clip whenever you choose to. 
If you do not intend to use the belt clip, you can insert this metal tab and you will get a plain soft back cover.

9. What if I do not like such metal tab and I prefer to get a totally plain case at the back?

If you want to get a totally plain case at the back without any metal tab for the belt clip, you should place a special order by contacting us:
This special case should be specifically made for you and it would take around 25 days for our craftsmen to have it ready. Besides, you should make an additional payment for such customization. You would be notified about how much more you should pay when contacting us.  

10. What is Piel Frama´s Refund Policy / Warranty?

All our products have a limited warranty of 1 year. 
Any claims received after a year period after receiving the item will not be considered under warranty. 

Our cases pass through strict quality controls before leaving our premises so that there should be no problems with them. 
You also have to take into account that these items are totally handmade combining the best traditional leather together with a cutting edge design. 
Any surface or tone variations which your case may display are normal characteristics of the genuine leather itself. In fact, they heighten the purity of the leather item and validate its authenticity.
However, if you receive a faulty case, we will be pleased to replace it at no additional cost for you. You should contact us within a 30 days period after you receive your item. 

11. What if I do not completely like the item which I have purchased when I receive it?

If the item which you have just acquired and received does not completely meet your expectations (colour, size, design...) you should contact us to arrange a return for an exchange or refund. Any shipping costs involved in such return will be paid by yourself.

12. Can I return a custom made case? 

There are no possibilities to return or exchange a custom made case. Once that our craftsmen start making a custom case, it belongs to the customer who has ordered it even if it has not been delivered yet. 
Custom cases are totally and specifically made as per customer´s requirements and we cannot accept any return for a refund or exchange even if the case does not meet your expectations. 

13. Can I cancel or change my custom order?

If you want to change your custom order or cancel it you should contact us within 24h after receipt of the confirmation of your order. Once that the order enters its first step of the manufacturing process, we will not be able to make any changes or cancellations.

14. Are Custom Taxes or fees included in the price of our products?

Custom Taxes (if applicable) are not included in the price of our products as they may vary from country to country.
We suggest that you inform yourself about it before purchasing or simply send us your inquiry and we will be happy to help.
Shipping and Refunds
Our standard delivery times for in-stock items are as follows.
Shipping Costs
The cost to ship your order will be calculated based on the weight and dimension of the items you are purchasing and the region of the world you are shipping to.
United States
3-5 business days from the date we ship your order. After, UPS will send you an email with your tracking number. Shipping cost included in price. Custom taxes are not included in price
2-3 business days from the date we ship your order. Shipping cost included in price.
European Union
3-5 business days from the date we ship your order. Shipping cost included in price.
All Other Countries
5-8 business days from the date we ship your order. After, UPS will send you an email with your tracking number.  Custom taxes are not included in price.

All damage and shortage claims should be made within 30 days of deliverywhen possible. If your items are damaged upon arrival, you can contact us and we will inform you how to proceed.

To request a refund, report damages, or discuss any other problems with your order, please call our Customer Service at (+34) 956 46 12 55, or email us at

Our hours of operation are 9am-14pm / 15pm-18pm CET, Monday—Friday (except bank holidays).