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iPhone 7 Plus cases - U767COY


Vache-Crocodile - Jaune

58 €

En stock

Délai de livraison: 3 jours

Étui iPhone 7 Plus cases


This iPhone 7 Plus case has been handmade by our experienced leather craftsmen in high quality calfskin-crocodile, passing strict quality controls during the whole manufacturing process.

Since this case was handcrafted, is a unique and exclusive product, not having two equal in the world. And not just for their physical appearance that draws our attention, inside, for its composition have been used many different materials and manufacturing techniques.

It incorporates an exclusive manufacturing system that dispenses with seams (Withouth stiches)

It is important to note that its design allows speak with the closed case. You just press the answer, close the lid and talk as if only the same phone is involved.

There is another practicall property, incorporates 2 departments for credit cards, notes, papers, etc.

The device rests on a thermoplastic polymer structure that gives a high resistence and a perfect fitting.

The hand feeling is very nice, because the cowhide that we used called "Silkleather" as its name suggests touch is like silk itself.


Envoi et paiement

Shipments are made through UPS Express and TNT Express.

Payment can be made through Visa, MasterCard, 4B, Maestro or Paypal.


If a Piel Frama product has any elaboration mistake, we will send a new one in perfect conditions without any cost.

Our products have a warranty period of 1 year.

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