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iPhone 5/5S cases - U599

iMagnum 2

Cowskin - Black

77 €

Delivery time: 10 days

Case iPhone 5/5S cases

The iPhone 5/5S Piel Frama iMagnum2 model leather case has been handmade by our experienced leather craftsmen in high quality cowskin.
These iPhone 5/5S cases have passed strict quality controls during the whole manufacturing process.
- Its inner thermoplastic polymer structure gives a high resistence and a perfect fitting to your iPhone 5/5S. +info
- iPhone 5/5S case with magnetic closure system that does not affect the functionality of your device.
- Sync and charge through travel cable.
- These iPhone 5/5S cases have a completely rotable and removable belt clip for belt, handbag... (The knob is also removable). +info
- The Ultra Belt Clip is significantly stronger and it offers more security than anything similar on the market.
- These iPhone 5/5S cases have 2 credit card slots and 1 Money Pocket.
- 2 nano SIM departments.
- Soft leather lining.
- This iPhone 5/5S case has an inner polypropylene structure. +info
- Foamy material inside the case to enlarge the protection of the iPhone 5/5S.

Shipping and payment

Shipments are made through UPS Express and TNT Express.

Payment can be made through Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or Cash on delivery(Spain)


If a Piel Frama product has any elaboration mistake, we will send a new one in perfect conditions without any cost.

Our products have a warranty period of 1 year.

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