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    iPhone 11 Pro Max case

    This great case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is made by hand in high quality cowhide by our own skin craftsmen in Spain. Each case is unique and exclusive, not having two of the same being each one made by hand.

    Its internal structure of thermoformed polypropylene together with a padded material gives it great resistance as well as a perfect fit to your iPhone 11 Pro Max. This polypropylene frame or shell is made by us in our factory, it is not an Asian product.

    It has a practical exterior pocket for cards.

    For its interior we have incorporated a very soft leather lining, resulting in the ideal complement to protect our terminal.

    This case provides a great grip when handling the device, thus reducing the chances of accidental drops.

    We have improved the previous design considerably reduced its thickness, now turns out to be extraordinarily fine and elegant.