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    • Calfskin
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    iPhone 13 Mini leather case handmade in high quality calfskin by our skilled artisans of Ubrique, making it a unique and exclusive product. The calfskin we use for our cases is called "Sedalina", so the touch is similar to own silk.

    Its design and care in all manufacturing processes make this case fits perfectly to your device providing maximum protection and elegance.

    It's very important to note that its design let the user talk with the case closed. You only need to answer, close the case and talk as if the phone had no cover.

    For its composition, a multitude of different materials and manufacturing techniques have been used, such as its interior, which has an exclusive polypropylene material that provides the sheath with great resistance and a perfect fit.

    This leather case protects and gives a great grip when handling the device, which will always be protected.

    It has a system based on hidden magnets that does not affect at all the operation of the device. This system makes the design of the case completely clean and uniform.

    The interior of the case for your iPhone 13 mini is made of very soft and padded calfskin, increasing the protective capacity. It truly is the perfect protection for your device.


    iPhone 13 Mini leather cases
    iPhone 13 Mini leather cases
    iPhone 13 Mini cases
    iPhone 13 Mini leather cases
    iPhone 13 Mini Covers
    iPhone 13 Mini Covers
    iPhone 13 Mini Cover
    iPhone 13 Mini Leather Covers
    Made in Spain
    country of origin

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