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          Let's talk today about the main raw material we use in Piel Frama factory, "the leather" 

In an economy where the customer demands the most value for their money, "leather" delivers the highest value. Many efforts have been made to create a synthetic material that would provide the multiple properties of the leather, but all efforts have proved unsuccessful. Due to its extraordinary properties, we have chosen "leather" as the perfect material for making our cases for mobile devices. Certainly as an example, a leather case for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus handmade in high quality cowhide, is unmatched. 

Leather is a natural product and is made by preserving animal hides and skins by means of tanning. The tannin causes a permanent preservation of the animal hide by cross-linking tThe tanned hide, following further process stages can be given many and varied characteristics.

Basically the leather making process takes place in 4 major steps...

1. Prior to the actual tanning process the hides and skins are cleaned in beam-house processess to remove constituents which are not suitable for the manufacture of leather, such as hair and fat.

2.  Preparation of hides and skinf for the tanning process is required using either or a combination of chrome, vegetable, aluminium, sulphur, oil or synthetic.

3.  The subsequent post tannage process is required to provide the leather with additiional characteristics such as colour, softness and fee.

4. The final process to be applied is the finishing of the leather that will influence the final appearance such as tinting, gloss effect, prints and touch.

Definitely, we can say that using this extraordinary and exclusive raw material for the production of our cases, joined most of the leathert Craft traditions with the most innovative current technology.

Please, see how one of our leather craftmen handmade an iMagnum leather case model. How you can check, it is totally handmade and the craftsmen uses a very laborious technique process. VIDEO