Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils in order to take advantage of their benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

Using our diffusing natural essential oils cases is one of the best ways to receive their therapeutic benefits.

Now, when you are talking by your phone, you are getting the wonderful properties of Aromatherapy and a very, very nice smell,...


Apply 4 or 5 drops of essence on the net in the window that its on the backside of the case. The essence will be absorbed in a couple of minutes by a material specially designed for this.
You can feed the case with essence after a few days.


When we inhale essential oils, they go straight to our brain and are sent directly to other parts of the body to regulate and moderate. There is a tremendous amount of science behind it, actually. Our diffusing natural essential oils cases is one of the best ways to receive their therapeutic benefits.





Although it is an oil apt for women due to its help to increase the production of breast milk, it has an intimate link with men. If roses are considered the queens of flowers, jasmine would be the king.
It is a known aphrodisiac used to treat impotency.



Well known for its benefits for skin and hair . The aroma of this essential oil relaxes the mind, frees frustration, irritability and stress from excessive work. Specially recommended to people addicted to work, helps to focus and enhance creativity. Hormonal stimulant and aphrodisiac.



The lavender essential oil keeps the mind calm and relaxed . It's considered the best essence to control anxiety and stress . Reduces anxiety along as obsessive and repetitive thoughts, which makes it ideal for the treatment of insomnia, stress and headaches. It also helps with the bad mood.


Effective to treat colds and respiratory afflictions . Used to treat headaches and migraine.
Of uplifting and refreshing aroma, reduces mental fatigue and improves concentration, imagination and creativity. Ideal for high intelectual work, stress and mental coordination . Helps to recover energy.



The sandalwood essential oil is very well known for his aroma as well as multiple physical and cosmetic properties.
At mental level it helps to calm anxiety, depression and panic . At the same time it promotes relaxation, uplifting and pleasant . Favors meditation, leaving the mind at peace . Improves the quality of sleep.
For all this is considered a greathelp for studies and concentration


Chamomile essential oil is among the smoothest ones, which is why it's used with children. With multiple properties for the skin and treats several illnesses, helps with digestion and seep disorders. Calms anxiety, tension, anger and panic. It's recommended for stress.


- ROSE -

This oil is one of the most extraordinary and versatile oils that nature can offer. Indicated for every kind of skin, including the most delicate, it is the most used essential oilfor anti-aging creams. For centuries roses have been considered the queen of flowers with a strong link with women. This is why this organic essential oil and its incomparable aroma is considered an aphrodisiac. Antidepressant, relieves tension and provides balance.


It's very efficient for treatments regarding problems with the circulatory and nervous systems .Hormonal regulator, specially on women, helps with menopause and postpartum depression .The Vetiver essential oil is used as a natural aphrodisiac. Increases libio . This oil serves as mental relaxant. Helps to get over shocking situations, fears, high levels of stress, panic, etc. Helps to manage nervousness, instability, physical exhaustion and even anorexia.



This oil is ideal for facial treatment on any kind of skin . Favors self-confidence and security. Has a sedative effect over the nervous system and reduces anxiety, shock, tension and fear. It's used in cases of insomnia and panic attacks. Provokes relaxation . It's antidepressant and aphrodisiac. Ideal to awake the passion in couples, with a soft aroma that attracts both men and women, stimulating their sexual apetite and helps to fight sexual dysfunction.


Antiseptic and helps with skin regeneration (dry skin, sensitive skin, acne, stretch marks) Relaxing. Calms chronic anxiety, depression and stress . Useful for insomnia, headaches and vertigo. It's said to be an aphrodisiac.
It's one of the main oils used to treat the heart and mind. It's ideal for people who suffer heart conditions, can't rest properly and have insomnia. This oil also functions as regulator and reduces mental and emotional tension, depression and chronic anxiety. It's recommended for emotional instability and people who get scared easily.



Increases blood circulation and calms muscular, bone and articulation pain . It's stimulating, helps to increase energy and fight depression . Favors cerebral stimulation, memory and mental clarity. Helps you stay awake and increase concentration, which makes it excellent to study with. This oil is recommended for people weakened and with low self-confidence. It's a strong stimulant for sexual desires on women.


Excellent to treat circulation problems and throat afflictions. Of fresh and pleasant aroma, this oil helps with apathy and resentment. Gives energy, increases optimism, trust and lifts the mood. Acts as antidepressant and improves concentration.



Oil recommended to treat colds, headaches and migraine . Favors the nervous system, soothes relaxes and helps to fight insomnia . Of sweet and pleasant aroma, can be used to relieve fatigue, anxiety, depression, stress and other nervous problems. Ideal to lift the mood. Specifically recommended for people who work extensively, helping them to have a more relaxed focus with a positive attitude.


Oil with multiple and important properties for skin care . Respiratory afflictions. Used for muscular pain and cramps. Specially recommended for insomnia and stress due to fatigue and exhaustion. Ideal to recover a good mood and confidence in people who try to leave alcohol and nicotine.



Oil with diuretic properties, its recommended to treat various skin ailments. Stabilizes the mind. The patchouli essential oil increases vitality. This is what conceives its famous power as an aphrodisiac since it helps both men and women to awaken their libido.


In aromatherapy is considered a stimulant and refreshing oil that can be used as antidepressant,to fight stress, apathy, fatigue and fear. Relaxes and lifts the mood. Highly recommended for cases of anxiety.
It's used for apetite loss due to emotional stress. As air refreshener it doesn't have any secondary effects.



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