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50 €
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iphone-5 Case

This wonderful Piel Frama FramaSlim iPhone 5 case has been handmade by our experienced leather craftsmen in high quality calfskin, passing strict quality controls during the whole manufacturing process. This new case FramaSlim offer the same protection to your device but with a thinnest fitting. These diminutive suction pads embedded in the leather stick on your device causing no damage. Moreover, you can put on and off the case over and over again without harming its adhesiveness property.
-    Ultra slim desing & functional.
-    The metal plate does not touch the screen.
-    Talk with the case closed.
-    Our exclusive magnetic closure system with hidden magnets, does not affect the functionality of your device.
-    Hundreds and hundreds of inappreciable suction pads produce spaces of emptiness in between the tape and the device.
-    The tape has enough strength to keep 0.5 kilo of weight.
-    Sync and charge through travel cable.
-    Soft leather lining.

Delivery time for iPhone 5 cases

Black:   3 DaysTan:   3 DaysRed:   3 Days
Green:   3 DaysBlue:   3 DaysFuchsia:   3 Days
Orange:   3 DaysBrown:   10 DaysWhite:   3 Days
Yellow:   3 Days